Me, My Wife And Our Sex Doll 2

Published on January 7, 2019 by admin

Me, My Wife And Our Sex Doll 2

Candice Dare, Ashley Lane, Courtney Taylor, Hadley Haze, Stoney Curtis Director, Jerry Kovak Director

Horny Couples BANG Real Sex Dolls!
Ashley Lane had to ride her hubby’s cock and suck it like a champ to get his attention back from his real life sex doll! Candice Dare brought a hot blonde sex doll named Samantha home for a wild threesome! Courtney Taylor is a business woman on the go, so she got her man a sex doll to fuck to keep him faithful! Hadley Haze is a busy blonde with a horny boyfriend, so when she got an out of town assignment at work, she bought him a sex doll so he wouldn’t stray!

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